Revolutions, politics and the system

I like Russell Brand,  but the recent Paxton interview doesnt do it for me.

Whenever you start talking politics you become a politician.

Its been like that since Roman times, probably since the beginning of societies bigger than tribes, and so-called Revolutions are just emotional farts in the wind. RB is fairly well off for money, after all, so he can afford nice shirts and practicing his regal stuff in the mirror before going on set and pontificating anti-politics. Which is just shadow politics, which is just…Politics.

On Revolutions….The 60’s tried and failed, Punk tried and failed. Ravers tried and failed. Here he goes. good luck Russ.

I am not against revolutions per se, but I cant be getting emotional about farts in the wind. And really everyone is wanting a Roman bloodbath from Russell with Jeremy playing the part of the Christian. Lets face it. We want him to do him proper, verbally rip him up a new asshole. oh yes. good viewing.

If you have read my other posts, which I dont think anyone has but why let that stop me. Actually I am even boring myself with this concept but the only valid thing that might possibly change anything in our society design is …wait for it….

meditation leading to inner silence. (there goes the audience of one…I fell asleep on my keyboard snoring then)

Nations of people just stopping…as if that’s going to happen…

but once you stop needing any of it, maybe IT drops away, and you dont need to have to do these interviews. but then it isnt about the truth its about Russell turning into a lion and eating the Christians (any annoying people currently in the media that we dont like very much). We just want blood.

Jeremy Paxton is clearly nervous doing that interview probably for fear of being unmasked as a human being, but though he seems like the loser, he actually cleverly steers the conversation by going back to the same argument each time, as RB is hooked on it. Jeremy saves his ass. Hat off to him. His body language and facial expressions are of a man trying to escape without being noticed. A christian escape the games.

He talks too much. They both talk too much. Maybe I write too much.

Inner peace. Forget talking about politics. yuk. Russell where ya going with this?

I dont know much about it, but I gave up my political and revolutionary aspirations on account of the above realisations. Shit dont work, dont bother with it. Certainly try not to fight against it because its a waste of time. The Dalai Lama got a job once and hated it. Made him angry so he went back to doing nothing but smiling. You wont see him lionising Christians. you also wont bother watching because there is no blood.

Hope Russell gets back to being funny soon and stays away from Politics. Politics is a fundamental entity, not something you can change. Like the Devil and God they just exist as a subsequence of Mind. They just are. If you dont like it, the only option is to find how to drop it. I am open to alternatives but to date the only way I have found is to silence the mind on retreats, and that aint easy on retreat and virtually impossible in a social setting.

It’s a lifelong study too.

But Russell blew it for me on this one. I love him. gawd bless him. but he went left or right or up or down or probably just in fancy circles, and he really…he just should have gone 4D.


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