Hocking up furballs

It’s a funny era…

Fukushima spews radiation into the Pacific doing fukushima knows what kind of damage to us all long term and no one really does anything about it.
Putin’s propaganda machine is working into Facebook, somehow doing so well he is getting quotes liked by people I consider friends and that is just weirding me out. You don’t support bastards like that, you ignore them whatever shit they say. Supporting them on a tracked social network site is tantamount to voting them into world power.
Syria is getting gassed, while the US desperately tries to find a way to do a sneak takeover, and gas more Syrians. Is it oil they are after, or just doing the Christian thing? I don’t even know, pluck one from the usual list of reasons. It’s smoke & mirrors bullshit, or in this case gas.

Sadly the source of the reason comes back each time on all of these issues to one thing;


you and me,

our Supply and Demand for energy usually.

It is at the backend of almost all the god damn problems in the world, the buck comes down to you and I needing to power our car, fridge light and body. And can we really do anything about it? Well unless you are willing to give up your overpriced house to stop the ridiculous mounting homelessness caused by middle-classes investment properties (not just the rich),  buy a donkey and go live in the woods growing your own food while existing in a state of Zen, then….no. There is nothing we can do about it.

But that non-answer makes me want to stand naked in the middle of my room with my arms outstretched while strange gurgling sounds emanate from my throat like Harvey Keitel in that scene from Bad Lieutenant.

Instead I post seemingly angry rants onto facebook and then have to back-peddle trying to apologise to those I abused in a moment of let-go because it was Sunday morning and my filtering system wasnt up yet. My humour still hasnt found a way to translate onto Facebook. I am still working on that.

So what to do? Well thankfully there are a few sane voices out there. You can’t hope they will stay that way, but right now a lot of musicians and comedians are calling it as it is. Russell Brand getting thrown out of GQ awards for making a joke about Hugo Boss and their Nazi connection, and then explaining his view of it all afterwards was brilliant.  If the link still exists by the time you read this here it is and it is well worth the read.


There is a massive need for laughter at times like this. I am not so good at providing that unfortunately, I just rant. I think I am funny but the vote isnt down to me. Apparently I am not. So be it. It just means I have to deal with difficult reactions whenever I am drawn to express myself. I pull information not from the news around me but from someplace else. It feels like a future place, a good place, but requires a severing from the present to achieve. That is how my ‘reaction’ to this shit situation functions. I end up frustrated more often than satisfied.

I used to give up, order a gram or two of cocaine and then go stand naked in my room gurgling. It actually made me feel better for some reason. I dont do that now, but banging on facebook isnt doing me much good either.

So once more, what are the options?

Well I am starting to think that the power of the mind is a lot stronger than I give it credit for, and by mind I mean the deeper, subconscious one. I feel as long as I am honoring the ‘reaction’ that happens in me that almost forces me to say something, then I am doing the thing that the universe is needing of me. I am putting my point out there for others to see. Sure, I could work on the humour aspect and should probably do away with the spurious swear words, it’s all about progressively honing my voice, my inner oracle until it becomes something less ranty and abusive.And it is an oracle of sorts, at least to me, because it comes from somewhere I dont really understand and spews out into the world in a way I have little control over. Something like a cat hocking up a furball and I am left to stare at it for a while, and then all I can do is walk away, leave someone else to clear it up if it disgusts them. It is no longer mine. I am no longer responsible for it.

Musicians, and I do still consider myself one, are notoriously difficult at dealing with responsibility , maybe in part because they are not supposed to. Maybe the dark side of which is some kind of 40 year old child that is unable to grow up properly, but then put them on a stage and that darkness maybe is also their charm and their visionaryness…is that a word? Anyway. I dont say this to justify it as I dont wholly buy into it, but it is a consideration. Beware of Mr Baker is a perfect example of the suffering such behaviour brings to everyone including the musician, it would be so much easier just to change, surely. Who knows. I tried. It hurts. I am not sure I fully succeeded. The demon manifests in new and stranger ways. Acceptance is likely to be the best option.

And so it is with this current era. The age of super information connection. Instant information. Scary information. You can stare the devil right in the eye one morning on Facebook quite by accident and it is going to make you want to throw up your breakfast. I don’t want to see what a gassed Syrian child looks like at 8am on a Sunday morning. But someone else who I thought was a friend thinks differently. It’s a classic case of a furball hocker being hit with some other cats furball. yuk.

We are desperately in need of a laugh. The comedians and the musicians may save us. The politicians will become increasingly more adept at sneakier behaviour, because that is the only way they will survive. We are forcing them into a corner but we have no choice and neither do they. We can’t be rid of them, we probably need them in some weird way. So they must survive.

Eventually the human race will get there. To that happy place we all wish for, we all dream of, even if we don’t. But will it get worse before it gets better? Yes, sadly I have to say I think it will, why? because we have to cover all the possibilities before we can be set free. We have to suffer, because, as the Buddhists know, to suffer is the human condition. It is our journey, it will not ever change while we have human form. Ergo, the answer lies not in what comes next for us, but how we deal with it.

We may have another 50 years or we may all start glowing in the dark and getting gassed real soon, or maybe the North Koreans will invade Australia. We have no way of knowing. All we can really do, is find a way to keep laughing and not in denial but at the truth once we own it. It can be done, but it needs some special inner chemistry to happen. and of course a big set of kahunas. You need to hock up your furball, and then accept it exists and it is out, and it is here to stay. Stare at it a while. Get to know it.

…and then walk away and let someone else deal with it. That’s my plan.

But I am a musician, you may not be able to use the same  excuse. Good luck.


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